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Reclaiming the Ancient Dreamways

Reclaiming the Ancient Dreamways
with Robert Moss

18-22 iunie : “Reclaiming the ancient dreamways“ – 5 zile rezidential intensiv cu Robert Moss ( ) . In curand , traducerea descrierii seminarului . Pana atunci , va spun numai ca acest program de 5 zile va include repetate sesiuni de Arheologie dacica prin intermediul viselor .

Cost : 250 Euro per persoana ( nu include cazare , mese si transportul dvs )
Locatie : Coliba lui Zalmoxe , zona Plaiul Foii , jud Brasov ( ) . Exista mai multe variante de cazare /mancare , detalii pe e-mail .

In this powerful five-day adventure, we’ll learn to requicken in our lives ways of seeing and healing and living a path with heart that were shared by the wise and ancient ones of all traditions, the ones who knew that the dreamworld is a real world. They knew that dreams show us what the soul wants, and open roads for the soul to come home, on both sides of physical death.
They knew that dreaming is fundamentally not about sleeping but about waking up to a deeper world and a deeper purpose. When we go dreaming – in night travels and in conscious journeying – we step through the curtain of our consensual hallucinations and encounter the powers and inhabitants of multidimensional reality. Through the play of chance and coincidence, the forces of the deeper world reach through the curtain to prod or tickle us awake.
We'll learn the core techniques in the shaman's way of dreaming, including the art of dream travel, timefolding, shapeshifting, and creating and healing from the dreamspace. We’ll develop personal rituals and spontaneous art to celebrate our journeys. We’ll discover that conscious dreaming and navigating by synchronicity are the dreamer’s way of marrying the worlds, and that taking the right action to honor dreams is practical magic of a high order. Real magic is the art of reaching into a deeper reality and bringing gifts from it into the physical world. This is what we do when we honor dreams, and the powers that speak through dreams.


“You ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head, or the head without the body, so neither ought you to attempt to cure the body without the soul….If the head and body are to be well, you must begin by curing the soul.”
These famous words about holistic healing are from Socrates (speaking in Plato’s dialogue Charmides) but Socrates wasn’t speaking for himself; he was quoting a military physician who had instructed him on the teachings of his “king and god, Zalmoxis.” This is the name of the ancient deity of the Dacians. Zalmoxis was a man-god who died and was reborn, and who taught the immortality and transmigration of the soul, as well as the ways to heal soul and body.
Since the Dacians did not keep written records, we know rather little about their spiritual practices and their god. But in June, at a wonderful retreat center called the Hut of Zalmoxis, in the mountains of Carpathia, we’ll have the chance to use the skills of dream archeology and the energy and archival memory of the land itself to open authentic connections with the keepers of ancestral wisdom.
Dream archeology is an original method pioneered by Robert Moss. The dream archeologist combines the skills of the scholar, the detective and the shaman and acquires the ability to travel across time - by the techniques of Active Dreaming - and bring back first-hand knowledge of essential things from the past (or future). This program is an invitation to high adventure and to participate in the healing work of cultural soul recovery.

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